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Archive for August 9th, 2011


Entry 343: Edinburgh – day 6

Another day, another enjoyable outing for A Mixed Bag.

We had about 20 people in yesterday and it was fun.  As usual, I got the most enjoyment out of interacting with the audience. A man called Zach provided me with this yesterday, he didn’t want to get involved initially when I started talking to him but by the end of my set he was feeding me lines to play with. My favourite was when I asked him what superpower he’d like to have, he said: “A snorkel without a snorkel”. I asked him if he meant the ability to breathe under water and he said no. So I asked him if the superpower he wanted was just not having a snorkel, he said: “No, I want a snorkel without a snorkel. I’ve got a mask and flippers but I don’t want a snorkel.” I have no idea what he meant by this, but our exchanges got a lot of laughs.

I’m glad to be in Edinburgh, safe from all the madness that is engulfing London and other parts of England. The scenes of buildings burning and riots almost don’t seem real, but unfortunately they are. Unlike recent protests, there doesn’t seem to be any meaning or purpose behind the violence and it’s hard to understand why exactly thousands of people are doing this other than just for the sake of it and to get some new shoes. I will have to try and write some material about it to get points for being topical.

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