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Archive for August 13th, 2011


Entry 347: Edinburgh – day 10

We were really lucky with our audience yesterday, they were amazing.

Me and Paul knew from our on-mic exchange from behind the curtains at the start that they would be good as they were laughing already.

We had about 25 people in and we made £43 in the bucket at the end, which shows the audience enjoyed themselves. Three older ladies sitting near the front had a great time, well, two of them did and the third was asleep. Even a couple who left shortly after I’d finished my set, when and Paul was on, came up to me at the back of the room and said they had another show to go to but gave me £6.

I also had another very good gig last night. However, despite the run of good gigs, today is a Saturday and I’m expecting it to be hard work. Our show last week was my toughest gig of the festival so far. We had a full room, but I found it a real struggle to get much out of the audience. At least I know what to expect this time; but adding to this is the English premier league football season starting today, so there is a strong possibility that several football fans will find their way into our show, full of the awful combination of alcohol and testosterone. I often find that when I brace myself for the worst in a stand-up gig then it’s normally not as bad as I anticipated, I hope that will be the case this evening.

When today is done I’ll only have one Saturday left of the Fringe as next week I will be missing the weekend as I’ll be back down south for a wedding, before returning on the Monday for the final six days of the festival.

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