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Archive for August 19th, 2011


Entry 353: Edinburgh – day 16

As I write this I have left Edinburgh behind, at least temporarily.

I travelled back home today in preparation for the wedding of Clack, one of my former university housemates, which takes place tomorrow. There was no way I could miss it and I’m pleased to have secured a floor to crash on afterwards.

Even as late as last week it was looking like I would either have to sleep in my car or not drink and drive home afterwards. I’m glad I’ve managed to avoid having to do either.

I’ve missed not performing today. At yesterday’s show we were battling against the elements again after our microphone failed us for the second time this festival just as we were about to go on stage. So we had to do the show without a mic, competing against the noise from the show next door as well as the football being shown in the courtyard outside. But we rose to the challenge and it was a good show. I was opening, but this time it didn’t take me as long to find my vocal range and I pretty much hit the ground running. Langton also did well, the audience laughed throughout the hour and gave generously in the bucket at the end.

When I return to Edinburgh on Monday things will be different. Moz will have unfortunately left and I will have the flat to myself for the remaining six days of the festival. He will be missed, our (often inappropriate) chats have been one of my highlights of this year’s Fringe. That and cartoon cocks on posters. Still, with Moz gone at least the washing-up will improve.

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