A change and an improvement

Today is a sad day, it is going to be the last week day for some time where I am free to write/admin/procrastinate because next week I will be full-time employment.

Freelancing has served me well for the past two years, but with another recession likely to be imminent I decided that a full-time job is the best thing to brace me for it. It will take some time to adjust my body clock and my comedy writing routine – or what can only very loosely described as a ‘routine’ – is going to change dramatically.

Anyway, I’ll sort something out. Now, onto comedy matters; last night was the first Cantaloopy since we switched it to a monthly gig and our switch saw a dramatic increase in audience.

We still only had around 15 people in, which is about three times as big as the average audience we’d been having when we were running it weekly. But it was still disappointing that we couldn’t quite get the audience numbers in for the acts who really deserved a much bigger crowd. I didn’t feel like I ever hit my stride on MC duties and could have done a much better job warming up the audience, but all the acts did well. David Mills came along initially to watch but I got him to open the second half (before Arthur Smith headlined) and he was quite superb – arguably even outshining Mr Smith who was also rather good.

So all in all, not a bad night and certainly a great improvement on previous weeks.

Tonight it is off for a gig in Tonbridge.

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