A period of inactivity

I feel I should write something before my small readership dwindles further.

The entries on here are now linked to the number of gigs I do (not in a tech way; that would be weird), so every time I have a gig I will write an entry, just not necessarily about the gig. So you could assume by the lack of activity that I have not been gigging since the last entry and you would be correct in your assumption.

My lack of gigs is partly because I have been working in an attempt to fill the financial vacuum left by Edinburgh and I have also been up in Leeds for a stag-do. But mostly the lack of gigs is because I was focusing for so long on the Fringe that I neglected to book ahead for the Autumn.

When you’re starting out in stand-up and before people offer gigs your way, you need to be in a constant state of booking them. If you don’t then you’ll find yourself in a few months with very few gigs, which I am currently experiencing. This is somewhat deliberate as I knew I’d need some time out following the exhausting month up in Scotland and October is looking healthier.

Tomorrow is the wedding of the best friend from my childhood who lived opposite me for the first ten years of our respective lives. I am on Best Man duties, so am currently putting the finishing touches to my speech. I am approaching it to how I would approach five-minute stand-up set, it is mostly jokes. It should be fun.

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