A recap

I have returned to my Walthamstow house following my three weeks of flea bitten house sitting. Hopefully my nights of sleeping wrapped in bin bags are at an end, although I can’t discount this because I have discovered they work as an effective – if clammy – way of insulating yourself.

I had another gig on Wednesday, it was a bit of a weird room to play with the stage four feet off the ground and a lot of noise from the rest of the bar. I was opening and under the circumstances did okay, or at least I was doing okay until I decided to end my set on the wrong joke and as a result got a slightly disgusted look from the promoter when thanking him for the gig. I really do need to find the best way to finish my set, preferably one which doesn’t disgust the promoter.

On Friday I managed to blag four free pints at a launch party at the paper I work for. My days of working there are numbered and very soon I will be joining the 9-5 rat race when I start a new job, so I like to think of the launch party actually just being my leaving drinks. I was meant to have another gig on Friday, which was cancelled so I took full advantage of the free beer offered to me at the my leaving drinks instead.

The freebies continued on Saturday night, I went to Hampstead Comedy Club and was allowed in for free. Tony Law was headlining and quite brilliant, a real master-class in comedic delivery.

Following the gig I also took this fitting picture of my Fringe flatmate Moz:

And today I have been flyering for a few hours in Shoreditch for Cantaloopy with MissD in the hope that it will help get an audience in for the now monthly gig which has Arthur Smith headlining on Wednesday.

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