Engineering works and other stuff

Last night I ventured up to Braintree in Essex.

It should have been a straight forward train journey from Liverpool Street with one change, but this being a Sunday it meant there would be inevitable planned engineering works. This meant having to get the tube to Newbury Park and then get on the bus there to another train station to get a train to take me to another station where the train there would take me to Braintree. Did you follow that? I didn’t. Basically, the journey involved getting on three trains and a bus.

The gig itself wasn’t bad. I was on first and rattled through my set slightly but managed to get the audience laughing although I never felt I really hit my stride and lost them slightly towards the end. But I’d consider that a win, if only for the ridiculous journey I had to make to get there.

I left the venue shortly after I’d finished my set as I wanted to get back to my house before 1am.

Back in the real world, today I went for a couple of job interviews today. At the recruitment agency there was an array of supposedly motivational quotes mounted on the wall. One which caught my eye was:

“The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuse, that’s the day you start to the top.”
OJ Simpson

Yes, follow this man’s wisdom and you too could be serving a 33-year prison sentence for crimes that include kidnapping and armed robbery. I may well do that should none of the interviews prove successful.

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