Entry 302: Design


I’ve spent most of today designing Edinburgh flyers for a mate’s show.

I have no training as a graphic designer radiator but I was a master of Microsoft Paint way back in the day, unfortunately design programmes have moved on considerably since then. I use a very basic design programme that basically involves moving boxes around but it works for me.

I designed the flyers for out Snigger Happy show at Brighton Fringe as we were running out of time to get them sorted out and they turned out rather well. My attempts at Edinburgh flyers for my show were a lot more ambitious but after many hours of work they have turned out rather well too. I don’t know what my mate will think of his flyers I’ve designed today though.

In comedy performance news, I am going to be on MC duties tonight at Cantaloopy but I am not too sure if we’re going to be getting much of an audience. It’s a strange time of year to be running comedy gigs, as the hot weather tends to make people opt to drink out in beer gardens or stay at home. Plus there’s a pretty high profile tennis match on this evening at Wimbledon, so I have no idea what sort of turn-out there will be.

My gig on Monday was cancelled because there was no audience at that one as well. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there will be a lot of
rain which will force people inside. I hope it does go ahead, I’ve written two whole new jokes and have even bought a microphone stand for the gig.

Word count: 273

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