Entry 303: On with the show

There was some doubt as to whether the show would go on last night.

Thankfully delaying the start of the show by half an hour meant nine people found their way to make up the audience and the show went ahead.

It was a small but perfectly formed crowd, who were all very friendly and all audible laughers.

The microphone stand I bought especially for the night made its debut, but unfortunately – as I expected – the chunky radio mic didn’t
quite fit in the small microphone holder bit at the top of the stand. Even so, it was still nice to have something to play with on stage even if it didn’t fulfil its main function and actually hold the microphone.

There has been some trouble in recent weeks of keeping the audience until the end of the night, not because of the acts – they have all
been great – or the MCs – we have been highly competent – but because we have been running the show with three sections and two breaks. And the second break usually sees a mass exodus and our poor headliner has a much dwindled audience to perform to. But last night we had eight acts and one break and only lost two audience members. So proportionally it was one of the best nights yet for
audience retention.

In other news, those nice people at Tangy Media are currently working on how to import all the 290+ previous entries I have written
on Tumblr. I did warn them that the majority of the content isn’t worth reading as well as there being several entries where I may or may not to admit to cheating the self-service check-outs. It may get me in trouble, but at least it will make me look a little more productive.

Word count: 298

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