Entry 306: So long, 26

This is the last day I will ever be 26 years of age.

For the observant amongst you, this will mean that tomorrow will be my birthday.

So I suppose this entry presents an opportunity a review of the 26th year of my existence, which is just as well because I have very little else to write about today.

The day before I turned 26 I knew it was the beginning of the end… of my 20s (aah) when I renewed by Young Person’s Rail Card for one final time. I will stop mentioning my rail card now, my age discrimination campaign shall be starting very soon.

Anyway, being 26 was pretty fun on the whole. I shall list some of my highlights; those which I can remember anyway; aging is catching up with me.

– Attending and performing at my first ever Edinburgh Fringe. It was all new and totally different to what I imagined but it whet my appetite and I’m looking forward to returning.

– Doing some great gigs. This has been the first age when I’ve been performing comedy consistently throughout and particularly since the start of the year I have done some really  great gigs in front of large audiences of real people, which is a good indicator that I’m improving. Plus doing 25 minutes at the first Edinburgh preview a couple of weeks back and it only feeling like 10.

– Moving out of my minuscule room in London and into a slightly bigger one where I am now sharing with only one person as opposed to seven.

– Seeing The Darkness reunited and performing live again.

– Escaping the soul-sapping fundraising call centre I’d been working in, it was particularly horrendous towards the end but has provided me with me with the bulk of my Edinburgh set.

Low points would be working in the call centre and dying on my arse several times, particularly at high-profile venues I wanted to do well at. Still, I have discovered that a packet of biscuits and listening to Queen songs works wonders for gig death aftermath.

On the whole, 26 has been a good age to me. Let’s see what 27 has in store.

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