Entry 308: Early, just posted late

I have turned up to work more than an hour and a half early.
This is most unusual indeed.

But don’t worry, I’m not feeling ill; my train back to
London arrived shortly after 4pm and after killing several minutes in a
supermarket I decided come to the work offices and write this entry you are now

Although I am not actually in the work offices, I am
actually in the cafe area downstairs which is open to the public. Security
won’t let me in to where I work until I am scheduled to be there, and even then
they do their best to stop me getting in.

In comedy news, it was exactly one month to go yesterday until
Edinburgh Fringe begins, so the countdown is now on. Well, it was actually on
when the festival finished at the end of August last year, it’s just now much
closer and within touching distance.

We should be having a preview on Thursday and have two
booked for next week and a further one the following week, so by the time our
first show up there comes around we should be up to speed.

I am finally rid of the flyers I was designing for a mate’s
show, which cause me far more grief than the £20 I was being paid justified.
Now I can concentrate on getting my own done; they’ve been practically finished
for the past couple of months and I have sent the poster off to be printed

I could have written about this yesterday but I had other
things to fill the space so chose not to.

Word count: 272

Originally completed at 5.56pm but not uploaded due to the
WiFi being rubbish

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