Entry 311: Well, that was a weird one

Last night’s gig was a weird one indeed, not that it wasn’t enjoyable with it. But it is accurately summed up as weird, although I’ve come to expect no less from gigs I get off Moz.

It was in a coffee shop in Camden Lock, on a site which was full of largely music based acts performing elsewhere.

I remember a few months back how there was a story in the papers about the first winner of X-Factor Steve Brookstein was performing in a coffee shop to an audience of a handful of people; at the time I may have sniggered, now I can empathise with him. Still, at least I didn’t need to win a talent show on national TV to achieve the same career feat.

It wasn’t an ideal performance area for a stand-up gig, behind the stage area was a huge window with people walking past. The doors were all open and you would get people heckling through the open doors. This reached an awful pinnacle when Moz was performing his set and about nine loud tossers all carrying beer cans leant over the seating area at the front and shouted abuse.
Thankfully for both the audience and performer, the backing track was so loud that you couldn’t really hear what they were shouting.

The coffee shop employee went outside and told the tossers to go away, which they didn’t like and it almost got violent until some mates of the coffee shop employee turned up and sent them away.

I spent a large chunk of my set messing about, improvising and interacting with people walking past the glass behind the stage. Some of it worked well, other bits fell flat but I had fun. More fun than Steve Brookstein did anyway.

Word count: 295

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