Entry 326: It’s the final preview

Tonight I have is the final Edinburgh preview for A Mixed Bag.

It’s part of a mini-festival down in Stockwell, with me and Langton kicking off proceedings at 5pm. I am a little concerned that because of the time of the show audience numbers will be a little thin on the ground, but I suppose we do have to get used to playing to small audiences at the Fringe when there will inevitably be quieter days. This is not to say we have been performing in front of huge audiences at our previous airings of the show, our peak has probably been about 20 people.

In other comedy news, by my own admission my set last night wasn’t great at the gig I had last night. Although there were laughs several bits bombed. I didn’t really enjoy it, it was quite a tough room and I normally get some sort of weird enjoyment from performing in tough rooms but not on this occasion. It wasn’t a death, it just wasn’t very good.

In other other comedy news (the second other was intentional, it also boosts my word count on what has been a struggle of an entry to write) I have now placed the order for our show Edinburgh show t-shirts. It’s the same picture used below with a slightly bigger show title, as I have previously said, we made poor Philip Wilson stand on a wall to take this picture and as it wasn’t used on our flyers or posters I thought I would make some use of it elsewhere.

Word count: 261

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