Entry 327: Previews now complete, next stop: Edinburgh

Well, there we have it, our final preview has now been done and the next time we perform the show will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It went pretty well, we were on at about 5.30pm-ish and kicking off a mini-festival of preview shows. It was probably the smallest crowd yet but still around 15 people so not bad.

I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as our other previews, even our weird one at Cantaloopy which I enjoyed way more than I should have done. It was the first time I’ve performed the set without running through it earlier in the day, I missed a few punchlines and rattled through it a bit, but there were still laughs during it and positive feedback afterwards.

I was thrown a massive curve ball in my set, someone received a text message which I tried incorporating into the bit I was doing so asked the man to read it out. The text said that Amy Winehouse had died, no-one actually believed this at the time but it turned out to tragically be true.

In promotion news, Langton has told me that the biographies I have written for us on the back of the flyer have spelling mistakes in them. He is definitely wrong, because there is no spelling mistake in my one and the only problem with his is a stray word that is actually spelt correctly. But should anyone ask about this I’ll say the mistake is deliberate and meant to be ironic.

Word count: 253

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