Entry 328: Wedding stuff

I attended the wedding party today of a good friend I went to school with.

It’s the reason I came home for a couple of nights, I was invited to the actual wedding itself which was in Exeter yesterday but I could not attend due to geographical issues.

Shahed had told me the party would be more chilled out than the wedding ceremony, so I turned up in shorts and trainers – that wasn’t all I was wearing, I was obviously wearing a shirt as well. But upon arrival I saw everyone was in suits and ties and felt rather underdressed – but not as underdressed as I would have felt if I had decided to go shirtless.

The lunch was the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding, really nice Indian cuisine, and as I was sitting down for much of the event my shorts and trainers shame went unnoticed.

However, I didn’t get away with it as at the end of a marathon photograph session Shahed spotted me and called me over to have my picture taken. He was in a smart suit, his wife looked very nice in traditional clothing and there was me with my hairy knees out, immortalised in wedding photography.

To make amends I am browsing for an addition to my suit for Fatboy’s wedding in September, which I will be best man at. The theme is blue, so I’ve found a nice looking blue waistcoat thingamy. As I have to make a speech I’m going to make a hilarious joke about getting the wrong idea about the blue theme and writing a blue speech. It’ll be great.

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