Entry 330: Waiting for a courier

I am currently waiting for a package to be delivered by a courier.

That sounds dodgy and it really isn’t, the package contains the very unexciting item of a clip for the top of a microphone stand which is big enough to hold a radio mic.

As is normally the case with such deliveries, I have no idea when they are supposed to be coming or even if they are coming today. I need to go and get a few supplies from the supermarket, so am umming and ahhing about what to do. I know full well that as soon as I go out they will come and I’ll get back to find one of those annoying notes saying I’ve missed the delivery; so I’ll then have to call a premium-rate number, be put on hold for 15 minutes only to be told that they can’t come back for another week due to company policy.

So what I’m considering doing is going to the end of my road and hiding behind a wall where I can keep an eye on my front door. It will surely then only be a matter of minutes before the courier detects that no-one is in and turns up. This plan is not without its flaws, as if it doesn’t work I’ll be crouching behind a wall for a long time, spying on a front door. I will probably then have to justify this behaviour to the police.

Tonight is the final Cantaloopy until after Edinburgh. That’s why I need the microphone clip as ours is broken and it’s always nice to offer acts full use of a microphone stand if they would like it. If it doesn’t arrive I will slag off the company on this website, that’ll teach them.

Word count: 296

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