Entry 331: The calm before the storm

Cantaloopy was unfortunately pulled last night as there was no audience.

I was expecting a quiet night at best and knew that it was that it would be a struggle to get people in, as summer nights generally tend to be this way.

Four people showed an interest at about 8.45pm, 45 minutes later than it was scheduled to start and by that time it was too late and I’d sent the comics home. The night will be back in the Autumn when comedy audiences are not quite so scarce.

I am now in the calm that is the calm before the storm that is Edinburgh Fringe. Exactly one week today is when our show begins. Langton came to the pulled gig venue last night to collect his share of flyers and we had a chat over a beer about what lies ahead. We are both quietly confident about our show and really looking forward to the challenge in front of us.

In other Edinburgh news, I was woken up this morning by a phone call from someone from an Edinburgh-based magazine, he was quite chatty so in my sleepy haze I assumed it was an interview and all things considered I thought I was on good form. However, it transpired he was actually selling advertising space. Still, it’s good practice for being woken up for an interview should that ever happen.

In courier news, the mic clip I ordered arrived today but was delivered by someone who wasn’t a courier and in fact looked an awful lot like a postman. I’ve asked the company to refund me the difference between the courier price and normal post price, should they refuse then I will unleash hell.

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