Entry 332: Filler

I have some something very rock n roll today – I have tidied my bedroom.

Don’t worry, I’m not ill; my landlord is thinking about renting out the house next summer for the Olympics so needed some pictures of my room minus all the clutter and there was a lot of clutter indeed.

It also means that when I return from Edinburgh I won’t come back to a room that’s filled with dust-covered clutter. It’s one way I’m doing some forward planning for when I get back from the Fringe.

Another example of some forward planning is I’ve decided to not gig quite as much in September as I normally do because I will need to work as many shifts as I can in order to help fill the fundage void; this should sort itself out by the following month as September will the last month an edition I work on is running for, so there should be a few last shifts and the following month when I’ll be able to get back up to speed with gigging again. The other reason to take it easy gig-wise in September is because I expect I will be exhausted.

In totally unrelated news, in the taxi home after work last night I found myself in midst of a bizarre conversation with the driver, where I was giving him names of fundraising call centres where he could get an additional job. I also found myself giving him tips on how to avoid getting points on your driving license, which can be done through driving carefully of course.

Word count: 263

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