Entry 333: Energy conservation

I am trying my best to conserve energy ahead of Edinburgh.

Research into energy conservation suggests cavity wall installation is a good idea, where any holes are filled with either foam or rubber. It sounds painful and luckily I can’t afford it no matter how much I may want it.

I am intending on pacing myself throughout the Fringe, although I’ll be doing spots at other shows I will be focussing my main energies on my own show and trying to make it the best I can in terms of both my set and audience numbers. In the past couple of days there have been a few opportunities to run other shows as performers’ plans change, but I’ve decided to not get too carried away this year as I can quite easily see me burning myself out if I try to do too much.

In other comedy news, I have been passed on an email from a production company filming a comedy show where you perform two minutes of stand-up in front of a studio audience and the winner of that show gets £25,000. There’s no judges, no next rounds, if you win you get the money and don’t have to return. It sounds a little too good to be true and could be a horrendous trap in front of a rabid bear-pit hosted by Shane Richie in a steel cage, which I’d no doubt get some sort of enjoyment out of. I think it’s worth doing a little more investigating as £25,000 would be most useful.

Word count: 257

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