Entry 336: Preparations

I have been carrying out my final preparations before heading to Edinburgh.

I have had a haircut, stocked up on some few supplies and stuffed all the clothes I have into my large rucksack. But there was always going to be some sort of hitch in my plans, as this is me and I am prone to hitches, and I would like to thank Royal Mail for providing it.

I ordered some t-shirts for our show to look almost professional when flyering, but the company took a while to make them and they told me that they would be delivered today. I foresaw this delivery taking place when I was asleep, so I took precautions by plugging the mobile door-bell into a plug socket in my room. But Royal Mail saw through this plan and decided not to ring the door-bell or even properly knock on the door.

Just before 8am I heard what sounded like something going through the letter box. I thought nothing of this, as I was expecting the delivery to be later on but  a few seconds later I heard the same noise so I ran downstairs only to find one of those stupid slips saying I’d missed their delivery. I ran outside in my pants and a t-shirt to the bemusement of passersby and there was no sign of the deliverer. I tried calling the number to see if I could get my package but of course no-one picked up the phone and the idiotic opening hours of 7am-1.30pm meant I couldn’t go along to the sorting office and pick it up. So now I’m going to have to get my housemate to pick up the package and send it up to me in Edinburgh when all this could have been avoided simply by using a door-bell. Thank you, Royal Mail, you bunch of imbeciles.

And now I’m going to head off to a shift to work until 1.30am, with my train at Edinburgh being at 8am. It is going to a ridiculous, but I should expect no less, this is me and the life I lead is ridiculous.

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