Entry 338: Edinburgh – day 1

Today is the first day of my first ever Edinburgh show.

It has been raining, I have acquired a cold already, one of my wisdom teeth is threatening to come through and I am still aching after my epic bag struggle yesterday. But none of this is going to stop me from enjoying every second of it, or at least trying my best to.

This is the place where you will be able to read all about my inevitable highs and lows of the next 24 days. I have no idea what lies ahead but there will likely be hangovers, possibly reviews and a death or two.

A Mixed Bag gets started in just under two hours and I have spent  going around venues to try and find space to put up posters. I should have done this yesterday as there would have been more space and I could have spent more time flyering today. But never mind, it is the first day and the posters needed putting up.

I have done an hour of so of flyering already and will do more after I have written this which will be easier now the rain has stopped. When I was attempting to hand out flyers in the rain I accidently hit a man in the head with my umbrella after giving him a flyer. This probably isn’t the best way of getting people to come and see the show, but if that poor man does show up then tomorrow I will hit everyone in the head with my umbrella who I give a flyer to get more people in.

Word count: 269

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