Entry 339: Edinburgh – day 2

And we’re off, one show down 23 to go.

A Mixed Bag is now on at Edinburgh Fringe and it all went well. We had an audience of seven people at our first show, which is one above the average Edinburgh Fringe audience of six people.

Seven people is actually a big audience on the London open mic circuit, there just wasn’t 14 other acts sitting in the audience to give the illusion that the room is fuller than it actually is. Just because the audience is small it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a show to enjoy; both myself and Langton still gave it our all, the audience all enjoyed themselves and there were consistent laughs.

The man I accidently hit in the head with an umbrella when I gave him a flyer yesterday unsurprisingly failed to show.

The venue isn’t bad. The space is good but yesterday there were a few issues with the PA which kept crackling and there is also probably going to be a recurring problem of noise bleeding through from the venue next door. But this is what we have to work with, so it’s down to us to make the best of it.

Today I don’t have to worry about going around and putting up posters, so I can do my flyering and hopefully get more people in today.

I had another gig last night too, which was going well for the first five minutes but then I just seemed to totally lose the audience and couldn’t quite get them back. I’m not totally sure what went wrong, but these things happen.

In injury news, you can see below the latest developments to the bruise I sustained in attempting to carry my bags to the train station on Wednesday:






– A Mixed Bag is on The Three Sisters in the Room With a View, 139 Cowgate. Edinburgh, EH1 1JS. Show starts at 6.15pm. Entry is free.

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    1. Thank you, oh King of the Darklings. It is indeed my first proper Edinburgh, I was up for a couple of weeks doing a few spots at other gigs last year. I will be doing 21 shows of my own, along with spots on other people’s. It’ll probably be about 40 I reckon.

  1. Sounds great! You are going to be such veterans by the time I get there next Friday. Everybody back in London are like parachuters about to be pushed off an aircraft, and we are very tuned in to missives from the front. Do not worry about gigs going astray. Happens all the time. It is really god that your own shw is going well. x

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