Entry 340: Edinburgh – day 3

I had three gigs yesterday and they were all good yet totally different.

My first one was on at 5pm and I was opening as I had to be away quickly to go and promote my show. The room was very hot, not everything of mine received a good laugh but on the whole my set went well and I found a new way to deliver a couple of my jokes.

The next gig was A Mixed Bag and I had a lot of fun with. Our efforts to make a room full of people laugh were not helped by a speaker playing music outside our window or the crackling PA.

The audience of about 25 were also scattered all over the room, some sitting right at the back and refusing to come forward for fear of being picked on; this meant there was a full front row, a half full second row, four of people sitting on the next two rows then about six people all hiding at the back. This meant that the room was a little more challenging to play and we had to work hard to get them laughing, but the laughs came and I ended up getting some gold out of interacting with the front-row. They were a youth group and their leader provided me with a new term for poo, which I’m keeping in my set: bog salmon.

My third gig was at 11.30pm and the weirdest of the bunch. There were probably around nine people in there and my set involved a lot of ad-libbing and messing around with what the audience gave me, which included comparing the rivalry between DC and Marvel with other prejudices and conflicts from history. I enjoyed this but I seem to revel in weird gigs.

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