Entry 341: Edinburgh – day 4

I found my show hard work yesterday.

Paul on the other hand had his best gig of the run. I let him go on second as the crowd are warmed up by then so it’s the easier spot and I wanted him to have a good gig after he didn’t enjoy the one on the previous day. He was brilliant and really enjoyed himself, which I was pleased about, but my generosity backfired and my set was a real slog at times.

We had a good crowd in despite the rain, or perhaps because of the weather as its not uncommon for people to go and see a free show to get dry; we had 50-ish people in.

It wasn’t a death, there were laughs but there were mostly smiles, but a number of my jokes fell flat, I stumbled over a few words and forget a few lines after getting distracted by about five people at the back leaving and a group of four blokes near the front who looked disinterested.

Even so, I didn’t let myself get deflated on stage when things weren’t going great, letting that happen is a sure fire way for a death, I persisted and was rewarded with most of my laughs towards the end of my set but I didn’t enjoy the experience. I hope there weren’t any reviewers in.

I knew what to expect with Edinburgh, it is often described as a boot camp and can be a brutal learning experience. But I know I can do better and today I intend to do just that.

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