Entry 344: Edinburgh – day 7

My set at my show yesterday was largely derailed almost single-handedly by a very drunk Scottish man called Chris.

He and a group of about six of his mates came in about five minutes into my set, meaning I had to explain what I was talking about otherwise none of the rest of it would have made sense – it doesn’t make a lot of sense anyway to be fair. I already knew the big call back at the end of my charity set would fail on Chris and his mates, but I ploughed on.

It wasn’t long before Chris was chipping in, but it was actually quite a relief to be given something to work with as up until that point the audience were quite subdued. As it turned out, my exchanges with Chris received the biggest laughs of the gig and I enjoyed dealing with what he gave me.

But I knew that in a couple of hours Chris would be beyond the point of being a fun heckler and would be an absolute nightmare to have in the audience. Unfortunately I was proved right and heard he completely wrecked another show at the same venue later on.

Today I have three gigs, the first one is at 5.30pm and as that is a slight clash with flyering preparations for A Mixed Bag I will have to go out half an hour or so earlier than I usually do. I will also be getting wet as it is raining, audience numbers could be down today but as long as we have at least one person then the show will go on. Just as long as that one person isn’t Chris, who is probably now waking up under a curtain in a corner of the venue.

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  1. Well done my dear! It all seems to be going very well. I’ll see you in the weekend, don’t get too wet, and count your blessings for not having to calculate when and where exactly you will be able to change into your Vivienne Westwood Heels and ludicrous dress, in order to slip into your alter-ego. x

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