Entry 349: Edinburgh – day 12

We had our second smallest audience in our show yesterday, with 11 people attending after a pretty slack day of flyering.

Doing the show is not the most tiring thing about Edinburgh, the most tiring thing is handing out flyers for three hours often in the cold and wet. You can get away with minimal flyering on Saturdays but while it can be easier to get bigger audience on Sunday you still need to put in as much effort as you would on week day, I have now learnt this lesson.

But an audience of 11 people is fine by me, they had taken the time to come and see us so we gave them a show which was a enjoyable. I find dealing with smaller audiences more fun than Paul does, in many ways you have to engage with them more than the larger ones and make them part of the show to succeed. We made £22 in the collection bucket at the end, which was proportionally much more than the audience of 50-ish left us on Saturday, and no-one left during the show.

Following a few pints and a curry with Moz and Gwilum, I ended up in Loft Bar. It used to be the place where all the big name comics and promoters hung out, I went there last year and it was rammed full of air-kissing PR flunkies and industry types; I find these schmoozing environments uncomfortable. It was the first time I’d been there this year and thankfully it was much quieter, with comics I knew to chat to and not an air-kiss in sight.

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