Entry 360: Edinburgh – day 24

Illness made me feel felt quite zombified and on auto-pilot during yesterday’s show, if it’s possible to be both zombified and on auto-pilot. I suppose it is possible if you’re ill.

It was a good show and although I didn’t feel totally right, it was a vast improvement on the previous day. We had exactly the same number of people in and performed exactly the same material but this time there was consistent laughter instead of blank stares. Edinburgh can be like that, I learnt this last year. And to show the improvement on the previous day, in our collection bucket at the end we made£20. I’m still not feeling 100% but there are only three shows left, so I will push through the illness barrier.

In other comedy news, while searching the internet to see if our show had received any more reviews I stumbled across this very bizarre listing:






Apparently, unbeknown to both of us, we were booked in to do a preview at Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre in Leicestershire on May 19. I have absolutely no idea how this occurred as neither of us had any knowledge of it and had no contact from anyone from this venue. However, in the name of comedy I will be contacting the railway centre to apologise for our no-show and offer to rearrange the gig for the next couple of months. A gig in a railway centre would be quite the experience; it would probably be quite weird so I think I’d enjoy it more than Paul.

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