Getting back on the horse

I had my first gig last night since getting back from Edinburgh.

It was our first Cantaloopy of the new comedy year and it was one of our best ever. It didn’t get off to a smooth start, MissD – who was down to MC – sent me a text yesterday afternoon to say she had been admitted to A&E. Thankfully she defied doctors orders and made it. It was the first gig we’d had there since 20 July so I arrived to find that all the sofas in the room needed to be rearranged, which felt like a really sweaty game of Tetris. Then it turned out that we had no microphone, the previous one we used, supplied by the venue, was rented by the previous management or something. But a massive thank you to Rufus Penzance and Stretch Howard for saving the day and not only letting us use theirs but also figuring out how to get it working in the old sound-desk.

So the show went on and it went unbelievably well, we had some excellent acts on and a brilliantly receptive audience. It felt good to return to the comedy stage, since returning from my four weeks in Scotland I’ve not had any other gigs booked in and have been too exhausted to turn up to other nights to see if I could get on.  I didn’t feel fully at 100% but had a good gig and a new line went down very well, which is always nice. I still need to work out a stronger ending to my set, so that is something I shall be working on.

Now having got back on the horse, I am dismounting again for about another ten days because of work commitments, stag-do commitments and best man commitments. The horse isn’t going anywhere, though.

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