Welcome to my new website (entry 301)

Hello, passing internet traveller. This is my brand new
website, just in case you didn’t read the headline.

It’s all quite exciting; I’ve not had my own website since the year 2000 when
as a 15-year-old with no social life I cobbled something together on Yahoo
Geocities. It was mainly stealing things from other sites and slandering
children’s TV presenters, I’ve moved on since those days.

I should now probably introduce you to the blog challenge I
set myself. Following my two weeks in Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2010 I
decided that I needed to write more, so I set myself a challenge of writing at
least 250 words a day for a year and thus My Daily 250 was born. As you can see
I am now sort of up to entry 301, I have missed a few days due to a couple of
weekends with no internet connection but cheated by combining entries to
account for the days that I have missed.

To date writing this blog it has provided me with absolutely
no material, but it has made writing a lot easier and I have in turn generated
a fairly substantial amount of stand-up material indirectly since I began
writing this blog those many moons ago. Well, it was always the same moon.

Anyway, the next 64 days will include Edinburgh and I’m
doing a show for the whole month and you will read about the highs and lows on
here. So starting to read this blog now is a bit like skipping the dull bits in
a film and straight onto the eventful bits.

Word count: 268

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