28-years-old I am. Aah.

I left the last entry on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I think you should know that I am still alive and didn’t join the 27 Club.

Either that or I am typing this from beyond the grave and I’m not aware I’m a ghost, akin to Bruce Willis circa Sixth Sense.

But if I know anything from watching supernatural apparitions in popular culture, it’s that they can’t actually touch anything and I’m successfully managing to use a keyboard. But then I’m basing this knowledge mostly on Casper the Friendly Ghost and the bits of the film Ghost I’ve seen, which isn’t very much.

So, for arguments sake, we will just agree that I am currently alive.

Anyway, down to business. What have I been doing in my first near-48 hours as a 28-year old, I hear you ask? Well, if you’d read the last entry then that was pretty pointless question you just asked; because on my birthday, I had a gig.

It was a gig I was booked for by a promoter who was in the audience during my set at quite a high-profile London venue a couple of weeks ago.

It was a comedy and music night. Now, I know from past experience that these nights don’t tend to work very well. Yeah, get me with all the links. I’ve finally worked out how to do it; it’s only taken me nearly a year.

So, I knew what I was getting myself into and prepared myself for my birthday also being my death-day. I really should stop mention me dying.

Nevertheless, at some point if I do enough comedy and music gigs, then I will surely buck the trend. Whether or not my soul will be fully functional by that point is another matter entirely.

And in all fairness, last night was the best comedy and music night I have done. It wasn’t as bad as I’d braced myself for. My set wasn’t too badly received at all. I got a couple of applause breaks, but there were people at the bar talking loudly and very little I could do.

There was also a heckling idiot, who after my opening joke – which went down pretty well – said he wanted to kill himself. Another reference to death there, and I said he should feel free to carry on. He wasn’t really heckling after that, most just annoying muttering and I wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with it as it was not a normal comedy gig.

Thankfully, I had back-up in the form of my heavies Moz and Langton. Moz threw an out of date condom at the heckling idiot and it just skimmed his head. Then on his next attempt, with a piece of saliva-drenched paper, he got the imbecile right in his eye. And that was the end of the heckler, he left shortly after then. I was completely oblivious to this conflict due to the lighting, but I am most proud.

Following the gig, we went to a pub to continue the celebrations as I had yet to start drinking. However, Moz and Langton had been on the booze for a good few hours and it was quite apparent. After finishing the first round, Paul said he needed to go home to go to bed. So me and Moz had another pint, then the last orders rang.

So, all in all, it wasn’t much of a night of celebrations, but the important thing is that I survived.

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