A change in the pattern

I have a positive report about some new material for once; it was actually met with some decent laughs.

As I’ve written on here of late, my trialling of new stuff hasn’t been going so well. But this particular material was based on something I was testing in the first few weeks of the year and hadn’t been very well received on its few outings. But that is the nature of this new material beast, sometimes giving it a break then going back to it can work wonders.

I’m not going to get too ahead of myself, one decent gig does not make a good routine; but it is encouraging, nonetheless. Tomorrow night I have another gig, where I shall try this material again. It’s a night where everyone performing has to do their set to particular theme. This sort of gig is a good idea and I don’t know of many others of a regular kind in London that do this. This week’s theme is Love. That also happens to be my surname, you know. Do you see what they’ve done there by booking me? Actually, it was my idea to do this particular night.

Somewhat disjointedly to the flow of this entry, after my gig last night I went to see Tony Law performing at London Bridge. He was brilliant, he blew the room away. I am a total bandwagon jumper with Mr Law, as I only went to watch him after he’d won an award and on recommendations from others. But I would thoroughly recommend jumping on this particular bandwagon; it is a lot of fun.

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