Another decent Ruby

Another month, another good night at Ruby Tuesdays.

We had a fairly decent numbers in for audience for an open mic gig, with about 12 real people and ten acts filling the small room above the Queen’s Head quite nicely.

The nights have been on a good run for the past few months, and are much more enjoyable since we returned to having the stage area in front of the fireplace in the corner of the room. It could very well be feng shui in action, but then I’d need to believe in it first.

I wasn’t due to go on and definitely didn’t feel like it at the start of the night, but one of the acts didn’t turn up, leaving us with a gap. And before I knew what was happening, I had a set written on my hand through the power of autopilot. Or perhaps it was my future self sending a message back to the past, forcing me to do more gigs because the material I intend to use in Edinburgh needed much more honing.

Regardless of how I ended up there, I was in the stage area and talking into the microphone. I was trying out a set that has been in the works on and off for the past few months, although I first tried a version of it out two years ago. It went down well and is definitely getting to where it needs to be, but more work is required.

Unfortunately no-one flashed me last night. I have expectations on audiences now.

In Edinburgh news, we have finally sorted somewhere to stay for the Fringe. I will be sharing with my good friends, Langton and Moz. But I am concerned about the punishment the toilet bowl will take from us living off beer and haggis for a month; it may need to be reinforced with titanium.

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