Back in the game

After a two-and-a-half week break, I returned to the stage last night for the first time since completing my Edinburgh run.

It was a bit of a rush and felt a lot like getting back on a moving treadmill and trying to maintain the pace. I stumbled a bit, but just about managed to last the distance. Just about.

It was the opening night at a new venue in Barnet and there were about 30 people in for audience, but for 29 it was their first ever comedy night. I often find that new audiences to comedy are initially slightly scared by their new experience and don’t know how to behave, so the first couple of acts generally don’t do so well while the crowd are getting used to the new sensation.

I was on second and the audience didn’t warm to the opening act, so I a struggle on my hands. I began fairly strongly and managed to get pockets of laughter for the rest of my set, but a few bits fell totally flat.

I wouldn’t call it a resounding success, but it was a gig and I am back in the comedy game nonetheless. It was also weird going back to doing five minutes again after three weeks of doing 20+; but in such circumstances and with my ‘ring rust’ apparent, five minutes was fine by me.

In other news, since I was away in Scotland, the cafe where I had been getting my lunch from near work if I’m gigging has closed down. My £3.75 every couple of days or so must have been keeping the business afloat. It is very sad as there are very few places nearby I can get a good lunch as I am reluctant to break the £5 barrier.

In other gigging news, the next one on my comeback trail is tomorrow.

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