Brighton Fringe – Day Four

With our final show yesterday, we were determined to go out on a high and give Snigger Happy 2012 a decent send-off.

And we did, he had our largest audience of the run, with 23 people filling our small room rather nicely. Luke opened and had his best gig of the run by some way, Langton was up next and also did well, and I closed for the second day in a row; although this was more down to the matter of pulling a name from a hat than anything else. I also had a good gig and received some really positive feedback from audience members, which is always nice.

As proof of how well we had done, we made £44 in our collection bucket at the end, which was our highest total. Throughout this run, we have been really consistent in terms of audience numbers and bucket takings, much more so than 2011.

Although compared with 2010, audience numbers were down quite significantly. We were getting an average of 40 people in for our shows back then in the same room. There were five of us doing the show and we were all full enthusiasm and excitement at what was our first ever Fringe experience. Perhaps the extra manpower is missed, but there was a sense of jadedness creeping in. Nevertheless, we had a good run, people came to see us and they enjoyed themselves.

In other comedy news, our review by Mr Bennett from Chortle has been published. Considering that only Paul had a good gig that day, Luke had a meltdown and I choked, it’s not that bad. Especially given how scathing some of his reviews have been for other shows at Brighton this year.

Here are the highlights bits I have selected:

“Opening act Alex Love was probably the least memorable of the lot, the only thing that really sticks in the mind is his obsession with piss.”

Now, that quote may not be flattering or helpful for furthering my comedy career, but I am highly amused by it.

“There are one or two nice lines, but not really enough for this to feel special. Still, he seems like a nice chap.”

Yeah, there’s not a lot I can use from that. But I will take it as motivation to improve; I’m a better comic than I was a year ago and next year I intend to have improved further.

I would have liked a better write-up, but I know that I didn’t do myself justice that day and choked again when I needed to deliver, just like I did at this week’s game of mini-golf, which I don’t intend to pursue with quite the same levels of dedication.

So there we have it; that is the end of my Brighton Fringe experience for this year. I enjoyed myself. Next year, it will all be different, as Luke will unfortunately not be returning with us as he is moving to Paris. He will be missed.

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