Brighton Fringe 2012 – day three

Yesterday’s show had the best attendance of our run at Brighton this year, with a whopping 15 punters.

They were a friendly audience and were laughing, but it was quite hard work. Langton opened the show and did well, but I could tell he wasn’t enjoying himself. Luke was next and probably had his best set so far, but his previous two efforts have been uncharacteristically unhinged because of insomnia. He did okay, but the laughs were not as regular as they normally are.

So, with me on last, I knew that it was down to me to grab the gig by the metaphorical scrotum, or possibly the literal one if necessary.
I had probably my best gig so far down here; the material I’ve been honing for Edinburgh for the past five months is finally all starting to come together pretty nicely. It was much more enjoyable than the previous day, when having a prominent comedy critic in the audience caused my nerves to get to me slightly.

We did well in the collection bucket at the end and made just under £30. So we’ve been pretty consistent with the audience numbers and our collections. We have our final show today and we’re determined to go out on a high.

In non-comedy news, this morning me, Paul and Luke met up with Moz for some crazy golf on the seafront. I got off to a good start and reached the midway stage just one point behind Luke, who was in the lead. The remaining nine holes were going to a close thing, or so I thought. That was until two old people walking past stopped to watch me take a shot and I messed up the hole spectacularly and it was a downward spiral from there. I had choked and lost my nerve when I needed it the most. Moz had a blistering finish to the game, which matched the blistering from his sunburn, and he leapfrogged me into second place, but fortunately I hung on just enough to beat Langton by a point.

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