Definitely a gig

I had a gig in Windsor last night, and I’m choosing to call it a gig as there was at least one person listening there who wasn’t a comic.

He was the man on the sound desk, but that’s not the point. He wasn’t a comic, so I’m classifying it as a gig.

It was actually good fun, I got a chance to give some unready Edinburgh stuff an airing in public and see how it felt, which was quite good. It still needs a lot of work before it’s up to scratch, though, but often once you’ve tried it out a couple of times, you get a better idea for the structure and where it needs work.

I had to push through the heavy cold barrier, thanks to Langton’s spit landing in my Guinness on Monday. I don’t think he meant this, he just spits quite a lot when talking. The plus side to having a heavy cold is that it made my voice much deeper voice than normal; so I felt manly, albeit an ill man.

The venue is a great little room, so I’m currently negotiating to see if we can get it for a preview in the next couple of months.

In non-comedy news, I am going to have to start flat-hunting soon. My contract ends at the end of June and my landlord is renting the house out for the Olympics. But it also feels the right time to find somewhere new; and hopefully to a place with a window that is actually double-glazed and doesn’t let the cold in. I don’t really want to still be sleeping in sleeping-bag for much longer.

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