Due ‘South’

Disclaimer: This entry has nothing to do with the enjoyable Mountie TV series from the 1990s.

Since the last entry, I have performed two more gigs.

The first was on Thursday at the students’ union in Southend. I had to battle on through PA issues and work hard for my laughs; and although it was by no means a death, it was hardly a resounding success either. Nevertheless, my last bit of material did get a round of applause, which is always nice for the ego, even if it’s the most hack thing I do. Another boost for the ego was for a joke I debuted at Ruby Tuesdays two days previously going down really well, I think it might well be a keeper.

Next up, with the brief interlude of my day job that actually pays me, it was off to South Norwood. Now, the more regular of my four reader readership will recall that back in November, I performed at the very same locals’ pub. It was weird then but enjoyable. However, this time it had been moved from a Thursday to a Friday and I anticipated problems with a busier venue and people drinking who didn’t have to get up for work in the morning.

But it didn’t turn out to be quite the blood bath I expected, the audience were friendly, but with the bar effectively dividing the pub, and more people on the opposite of the room to the stage area, it was never going to be the easiest of performances.

By my own admission, I was poor and I’m sure that several of those paying attention would agree. In such an environment, you need to hit the ground running to show and hit them with your good stuff.  I just hit the ground with a splat then attempted to get up and walk. Here I’m being metaphorical, but had I actually done this then it would have probably been received much better than my material. It was very easy to lose peoples’ attention. They responded to balls and rude jokes. Unfortunately, I misplaced by balls and haven’t written enough rude jokes yet. In the end, it was audience apathy that won the day during my set. Despite my failure, quite a few of the other acts fared better and for that I commend them.

Anyway, onwards and upwards – or perhaps just onwards – I have another gig tonight. To avoid falling into the potential trap of only performing in gigs starting with ‘South’, tonight I am off to Norwich to perform in the basement of a student house. This will be interesting.


  1. What was up with the whole Ray getting replaced by another Ray who was impersonating the previous Ray who was apparently undercover and no one telling Fraser?

    “Where’s Ray?”
    “I am Ray.”

    1. Fraser at least acknowledged the difference in actor, unlike the time they replaced Cheryl Stark in Neighbours with another actress and everyone pretended it was the same woman. It clearly wasn’t.

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