Ideal Edinburgh conditions

We had out second Edinburgh preview for Love and Langton’s Dirty Laundry last night and the conditions were very Fringe-like.

There were about ten people in the audience and two walked out halfway through, only to be replaced by another two people.

If you added cold and wet weather conditions, plus a very drunk heckler, then it would be the perfect Edinburgh training ground.

The two people who walked out were nothing to do with me and the blame can be pinned mostly on Paul, after he played a ridiculously racist song from the actual soundtrack of the musical Hair. It’s since been cut from recent versions, because the content is horrendous. Even so, I think he has something he can work with in it. And I don’t think that couple who walked out had any real intention of staying for the duration of the night, but then that is what we will be experiencing some of the time at the Free Fringe in August.

Paul was on first and continued his work in progress. He had a much better set than the first preview, but I know he can go up several more levels.

I was on second and had a pretty solid gig. My set is coming together pretty well, with a few things that are getting good reactions, with a number of other things that still need work.

I tried out a ridiculous poem that has nothing to do with dirty laundry, but I thought of the idea a day or so ago and thought I’d try it out. Sometimes you have a feeling that something will be received well and my instincts in this case were right. Although I expect the next time I try it out I will be met with blank stares, which is the nature of the comedy beast.

We don’t have our next preview for another couple of weeks, so in the meantime, I will be trying to get the bits that need work into shape at various open mic nights.

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