Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Day 10

Moving on from the disappointment of Saturday night’s show, we were expecting a quiet Sunday night gig with potential audience staying away to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

How wrong we were. Every time I try and predict what Edinburgh will throw at us next, I am proved wrong. Unless I predict that I will drop a stack of my flyers when handing them out on the Royal Mile, which is fast becoming an annoying habit.

We had our best show of the run so far. We managed to get 15 people in and there were some big laughers in amongst them.

Not only that, the show saw a welcome return to form for Mr Langton. After much pestering from me, he dropped the waffle and started shouting at people instead.  It’s what he does best and he was rewarded with many laughs.

Although bizarrely, despite having known each other for nearly three years and gigged together what must be a hundred or so times, he mistakenly introduced me as Alex Cox. Neither of us know why this was.

There were two ladies from Newcastle sitting near the front, who proved a lot of fun and kept chipping in with things we could riff off.

Proof of the successful gig was found in the collection bucket at the end. We made £28, which is not bad going at all.

In other news, as I have been working remotely for the first half of the Fringe, I have been feeling somewhat detached from what is going on in the city around me. But this is no bad thing, as the Fringe can be a bit overwhelming if you get caught up in it for prolonged periods of time. Still, I have two more days of work left before I am officially on holiday and that is when the fun and overwhelming should properly begin.

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