Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Day 12

We have been doing a good job of getting numbers in the high teens in the last few days and getting a respectable amount in the collection bucket after the show.

Last night, we had about 15 people in. We had to start the show about five minutes late as we tried to convince people in come in from the bar to add to our five people already seated. It worked and we reached double figures once more.

While for larger shows, getting an audience of such a size might well be considered disastrous, in our small room it feels a lot fuller and we are a non-profit making venture, which is just as well.

I am enjoying being off the radar this year. We are not in the brochure because we didn’t even know if we were going to be doing the Fringe until after the discounted listing deadline had passed. And we are slightly out of town. This suits me fine, as it means there is less chance of getting a reviewer in. If I can get through the rest of the Fringe without being reviewed then I will be most pleased.

They might give me a decent quote I could use, but then it’s more likely that they will be in on the one night I am awful and I don’t need that documenting. Well, other than on here.

If I can have some good gigs and the audience, more often than not, leave happy, then I will consider my 2012 Fringe to be a success.

I would describe last night’s gig as ‘not bad’. They were a friendly and smiley audience and both of us did respectably, but these instances are always annoying when you know you can do better. We made £25 in the bucket afterwards, which was a pretty good indicator that they enjoyed it. But as one of the crowd was leaving, he said to me: “you need to talk slower”. He was right and tonight I will talk slower.

In other news, I am now officially on holiday. No more working remotely, with lie-ins and likely hangovers taking its place.

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