Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Day 16

Following the downer that was Friday, we had a much-needed pick-me-up last night in the form of arguably our best audience of the run so far.

This wasn’t in terms of numbers, because we had just nine people, but it was arguably our best in terms of audible laughter per person. The laughs we received last night were much bigger than the ones we have had from audiences twice the size. They were very loud and frequent.

After spending the past week going on second, I was back to opening the show and had one of my best gigs up here. I think me going on first and Paul second works better. I slowed right down and it was most enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed describing Gillian McKeith to a fairly senior American couple, who were unaware of her body of work.

Paul was very good; he was even adlibbing and riffing off the audience, something I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do. The fairly senior American couple were particularly good fun to interact with.

We made £23 in the collection bucket after the show, which is an impressive haul from nine people. Although it was a well-received show, I also put our takings down to me doing the pitch at the end where were ask for money. I use the professional begging skills I acquired when I was working as a fundraiser in one of those annoying charity call centres, which calls people up and asks for donations. Large proportions of the takings from both the call centre and our show end up in the same place, behind the bar.

We have less than one week left of the Fringe now and I am definitely feeling Fringified, which can essentially be described as being fatigued.

The strange thing about doing a show for the full-run up here is how time works. Sometimes it feels like I have been up here for years, and other times only a matter of days. So there is an argument that time is working in exactly the same way as it normally does and there is no evidence to suggest that Edinburgh has a different time zone or its orbit of the sun is separate from the rest of the planet.

Yes, sentences like the latter are proof of my Fringified state.

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