Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Day 22

The finishing line is in sight and my Edinburgh 2012 run is nearly at an end. I am now just trying to find the will and the energy to get me through one more day of this Fringe malarkey.

My legs have been trying to desert me already after having enough of the relentless walking everywhere, mostly up hill. Worryingly, I originate from a land full of hills and should have a resistance to them.

For my 6.20pm show yesterday, we started with an audience of five and although the numbers were small, there was a good energy in the room. Gwilum was opening the show and after about five minutes into his set, another five people walked in and sat at back. This seemed to change the dynamic of the room and it the show was harder work from then on.

I started off pretty well with my set. When you have a small audience, the best tactic is to usually engage them as much as possible and I didn’t do this after my initial few minutes. As a result, the reactions dropped off a bit. It was an okay-ish gig, but I can’t put it up there with my best shows of the run and it way off the previous day. But I know that this is how Edinburgh works, some days you have an audience looking at you blankly and other days they laugh. We made £14 in our collection bucket at the end, which wasn’t a bad amount

With Dirty Laundry, we had our second largest audience with 25 people. It was quite hard work and lines that normally get big laughs just received chuckles and smiles. Probably the biggest laughs of the night were from audience interaction. I had some fun with a girl in the front row, who was nudged by her friend when I mentioned soiling myself. From then on, she was known as the girl who had trouble controlling her bowels, which I made reference to a few more times in my set. But another of the group she was with was staring at me, looking unimpressed for much of the gig.

Bizarrely, for a gig that cannot be rated any higher than 7/10, we made our largest collection of the run with £56 in our bucket.

I have two shows left, I am nearly there.

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