It’s been a while

As some of my readership of four may have noticed, there has been a period of inactivity on here for some time.

This is mostly due to two things. Firstly, there have been a few technical difficulties on this site you see before you. Secondly, I haven’t felt an urge to sit down and write what can really be summed up as: I did some gigs, some bits of material went well, other bits didn’t go so well. Then something I found something weird on the pavement outside my house and took a picture of it.

Richard Herring recently reached the milestone of having written a blog entry every day for ten years. I just about managed that for one year and now it is an effort to even blog a couple of times a week.

But it has actually been nice to not have to worry about documenting every experience on the comedy circuit, especially for the numerous nights where I’ve not done so well and want to deny the existence of.

Anyway, back to business as usual, I did a gig last week that was not a normal gig; it was in a bike repair shop and cafe for one thing. It was the same place I did a gig about six months ago, but this time it was not strictly a comedy night, it was more heavily weighted in poetry and spoken word.

There must have been about 60 people and from a not-strictly-comedy crowd, I managed to get a good number of big laughs. A few things fell flat, but on the whole, it was a good one.

Before I had taken to the stage area, I won signed pictures of some actors from EastEnders in a charity raffle. As I have not watched the show regularly in more than a decade, there were many who I did not know so I gave them away in an impromptu charity auction during my set. I managed to raise £1 million too, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the successful bidder won’t be paying up.

But I am holding onto the real gems: Barbara Windsor and Ian Beale. Although why I’m holding onto them, I’m not entirely sure.

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  1. Nice to hear your back in the saddle and back on the lol game… as a trio its also nice to see that ian beale is keeping it real!

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