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Lost and pound

As last night’s gig, I was heckled several times by a dog.

This was the fourth such occasion I have had a canine in the audience at a gig; and although the crowd was small, it would be inaccurate to describe it as ‘one man and his dog’.

I will elaborate more on the incident shortly, I just thought that would make a slightly more interesting introduction than the ones I normally turn in.

The gig took place in Tonbridge at a venue I had performed at previously almost exactly a year ago. As I had been there before, I foolishly thought I knew where I was going. But this is me, and getting lost is a particular talent of mine. I was so convince that I was heading in the right direction, that I wasn’t even put off by evidence such as entire roundabouts not being where the map stated and I continued to walk. When it dawned on me that I had been the victim of my unjustified navigational confidence, I had to ask someone for directions. It turns out that I had headed in the wrong direction from the train station and kept going, causing me to end up on the opposite side of town.

I turned around and headed back again and worked up a totally avoidable sweat in getting to the venue.

When I performed at there a year ago, apathy was the theme of the night; this was embodied by a young looking man, who had perhaps the most impressive mullet I have ever seen.

I was prepared this time and knew what to expect; although, sadly his royal mulletness was not present.

The heckles from the dog came at the start of my set when I am getting the audience to shout letters at me. The dog obviously wanted to join in and barked at me; and although I appreciated his enthusiasm, it hardly got my set off to the best start. I’m not going to describe my performance as a success, I swallowed a few words and stumbled over a few punchlines. But I did manage to get a few decent laughs and it was quite a lot better than 12 months ago.

Tomorrow, I am going to get involved on the march against the government’s economic shambles. This will be followed by a gig in Margate.

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