Not quite what I was expecting

I was supposed to have a gig tonight, but upon arriving at the venue I realised that it would not be on after all.

Instead, there was an art exhibition with a theme of expanding perceptions. When I told the person by the door that I was there for the comedy night, she handed me a surgical mask and one rubber glove. She told me that I must put them on if I was to have a look at the exhibition, so I obliged. I was also given some instructions, explaining about the exhibition.

There were various paintings around the venue, with a smoke machine regularly being turned on, as well as some disco lights and a green laser thingamy. The centre piece was a collapsible table with various brightly coloured objects on, which you will see in this picture:

I have no idea what this is. I think this is probably because my perceptions have not been sufficiently expanded.

I’ll have to be honest, it wasn’t quite how I was expecting to spend my evening; but it does at least make for a more unique entry than something like: “I did a gig last night. It was okay; I was tried something out, it didn’t really work. Now I need to make some changes to it.”

I did have a gig on Monday, all 90 seconds of it. It was the qualifying round in a competition. Some would say that it’s technically not a gig as it was in front of about 40 other comics, but it is twice as long as I lasted in the Comedy Store Gong Show six years ago, so I’m choosing to count it as a gig. It was okay; I was trying something out, it didn’t work. Now I need to make some changes to it.

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