Re-entering the real world with a thud

I continued my run of solid run of gigs last night with yet another one, making it the most productive month so far this year for day-per-gig ratio.

There was a good turn-out and they were a friendly crowd; but the impression I got, was that as it was a Bank Holiday, at the back of their minds they were thinking that they had to return to work in the morning after four days off.

My set went okay, the bits I’d rewritten yesterday seem to work and only one line totally bombed. So it wasn’t a bad gig at all and definitely a move in the right direction for the material, which is closer to being in the bag for Edinburgh now.

In non-comedy news, on my way to the train station today to go to my real world job after the four-day break, I was crossing the road at the traffic lights. I find it is best to run at these particular ones, because the man doesn’t stay green for very long. However, a cyclist decided that traffic lights were only a suggestion and jumped the red light, knocking me to the ground and then didn’t even have the decency to stop.

As a result, I have three chipped teeth, bruises on both legs and spent the morning getting checked over in hospital. So, to the mystery and cowardly cyclist: Thanks for that, you total arse. I hope your bike has been ruined by your own stupidity and my right thigh.

–          The incident took place at 8.20 am on 10 April 2010; it was on Hoe Street, Walthamstow, by First Avenue and Chilli & Spice. The cyclist was heading in the direction of Leyton. Did you witness the incident? If so, please contact Crimestoppers anonymously at crimestoppers @ We’ll catch this lycra-clad* menace.

*May not have actually been wearing lycra, I didn’t get a look at them.

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