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Standing-room only

The final preview for Love and Langton’s Dirty Laundry was performed to a room that was standing-room only.

This wasn’t because of a lack of chairs, it was because there were about 50 people watching, which is the biggest audience we have had for our previews.

Heading into our final pre-Fringe show, I was 5-0 up on Langton and he is adamant that he pulled one back yesterday. I am less than convinced, but it was nice to see him doing much better.

That said, he may be onto something, because I didn’t really enjoy my time on stage. This was partly because the items consumed the previous night at Luke Thompson’s flat were still in my system and I didn’t feel especially sharp. Adding to this is that it is a venue I never feel entirely at ease in. I can’t really explain why, as it has everything going for it and is very popular with my open mic contemporaries. It is in a room separate from the rest of the pub, has full stage lighting and a good PA, but there is a certain psychological barrier I have with it that prevents me from ever feeling comfortable whenever I perform there.

Then again, I am a firm believer in performing in venues that do make me uncomfortable, especially with Edinburgh previews. Because there will surely be days at the Fringe when I have such feelings and it is good preparation.

My set went okay; there were laughs, but it has gone much better at other shows. So it’s disappointing to have a final preview I am unsatisfied with, but that should give me motivation up my game when the Fringe starts.

Although my colleagues who attended did seem impressed and I had some positive feedback from other audience members, and people didn’t avoid making eye contact with me afterwards, so perhaps I’m being slightly hard on myself.

Nevertheless, I said to Paul afterwards that we have had a number of well-received previews without ever actually finding our top form. When we do that, I think this show could fly.*

*Note to self: read this again at the end of August and you may regret writing it.

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