The 27 Club

As I look at the time left before the 28th year of my existence begins, I am facing the prospect of being denied admission to the 27 Club.

That said, I do still have to go to bed tonight and there is an outside chance that I may die of an unknown medical condition in my sleep. Although, I think that a term for joining the 27 Club is that you have to create something of artistic merit, because they never talk about the people who joined but didn’t actually create anything worthwhile. And I don’t somehow think this blog is going to be a respectable body of work.

But should I not wake up tomorrow, I hope that these cobbled together words will inspire other naive idiots to pursue a ridiculous dream of performing things they hope are funny in front of blank faces several times a month and then write about it in a repetitive, self-deprecating manner.

Still, in the likely event that I do wake up 28-years of age tomorrow, I can rest safe in the knowledge that I was a member of the other age-related club when I was just 18, which was Club 18-30. I can’t say that my body of work in that period is high in artistic worth, it was just a rubbish holiday in Benidorm with some friends from school I have mostly lost touch with.

The age of 27 has been a good year for me and has been my best year of comedy so far, not that there is much competition with the other two and a half years and the sporadic blotches of my early-20s. But if I am writing this entry on the eve of the penultimate year of my 20s next year and 28 has been even better, then I will be satisfied that I am making decent progress.

To see out the good comedy age, I had a gig tonight and I was woeful. It was a hot room and I just wasn’t very good. I was again trying to road-test the remaining five minutes of my Edinburgh set, which is probably at least six minutes long and rushing it doesn’t help matters, but then neither do the bits that don’t get laughs. I got a few chuckles, but nothing I could feel pleased with. I need to carry out a brutal editing session on it.

Tomorrow night, I have a gig on my birthday. I hope it will be better.


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