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The third airing

Love and Langton’s Dirty Laundry had its third airing last night and was another solid outing.

I had gone to the trouble of promoting it as heavily as I could to colleagues who have expressed an interest in seeing me perform. I had a few friends coming along too.

However, when you’ve been doing comedy for even a short space of time, you learn that invariably, colleagues and friends will let you down when you need them for audience. Usually the gigs they do turn up for are the ones you don’t want them to, causing them to stay away from future nights.

So, of the ten people I had expected would come along after they actually seemed keen, a grand total of zero actually made it.

Some did send their apologies on the day, others didn’t. But this is something I am used to; it’s not their fault that they have actual lives and/or illnesses.

Paul’s friends did a similar trick and he doesn’t have colleagues because he’s unemployed. But

Thankfully, there were eight people who had made the effort to come along and it would appear that they enjoyed the show quite a lot.

I was relatively pleased with how my set went, I managed to get some hearty laughs out of the eight people. There are still a few bits that need ironing out, which is appropriate for a show with ‘laundry’ in the title. But the signs are encouraging.

Paul’s set is also coming along too. My hassling seems to be paying off, or maybe it is just wearing him down.

Our next preview is on Sunday (15 July) at the Temple Bar in Brighton. Then there’s another in Stoke Newington on Thursday 19 July at Mascara Bar. Please come to one and prove that you are better than my colleagues and friends.

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