Throat lasts the distance

Unlike Friday, my throat at last night’s gig didn’t give up after three minutes and managed to last the distance of seven minutes. So this should indicate that it is finally starting to heal, but then it is feeling a little rough today.

I was trying out a revised version of the Edinburgh material I’d wrongly believed was ‘in the bag’; bits I’d rewritten were pretty well received, which is encouraging. So I’m now moving it closer to the bag, without actually putting it inside just yet.

It was a really good night, one of the best open mic nights I’ve attended for some time. It was well run, MC Barry Ferns was on top form, the acts did well and the audience were excellent.

I feel I should add a disclaimer here: I loathe the name-dropping and backslapping on the open mic circuit and try to avoid it at all costs, only doing so when it has been well earned so that it actually means something. So well done, Mr Ferns.

There were around 50 or 60 people in the room and were very receptive, so if a line didn’t do well in there then the chances are that it probably won’t work in tougher rooms; and I think I can now safely drop a joke I’ve tested a few times that has worked on occasions, but not on many others.

It’s also given me a few ideas about additional bits I can write based on reactions I had last night. I have another gig tonight, so I will try out these additional bits. Let’s see how my throat lasts this time.

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